Favorite California Wineries


Top California WineriesLooking for a special winery experience? Get the info on the top California wineries. Find the top wineries with a view, favorite wineries that offer lodging, and best wineries for stomping grapes.

Discover wineries owned by celebrities and best wineries for picnics. Explore those with caves dine at the top winery restaurants. Even learn about which wineries are best when wine tasting with kids.

People are always asking us what are favorite winery is. It’s a question that’s difficult to answer. We like different wineries for different reasons.We have visited countless wineries throughout California and these are our favorites for the reasons listed. If we left out a winery that you think should be on one of the lists, please let us know.

Favorites That Host Concerts

outdoor concertMany wineries use their venue for concerts. Enjoy a concert at one of these gorgeous wineries. Learn about upcoming events and how to make reservations. Great fun in the Wine Country!

Winery concerts are typically held outdoors during the summer months. The venues are normally smaller with a more intimate atmosphere than large amphitheaters.

Best Views

Wineries with a view
Scenic views are common in the Wine Country. Each of these wineries stands out because the views are truly breathtaking. Wineries have been chosen from Southern California, the Central Coast, the Sierra Foothills, Mendocino, the Napa Valley, and Sonoma County. Take a look!

Bring your camera to capture the scenery!

Those That Offer Lodging


Experience life on a winery. These wineries have accommodations that allow you to spend the night in the heart of the Wine Country. You find that cozy cottages, charming bed and breakfast inns, and even upscale luxury resorts.

Learn about wineries where you can spend the night. Start planning a unique getaway like no other!

Top Winery Restaurants


Wine and food naturally go together. These winery restaurants are living proof of this. Make reservations now to enjoy a fabulous meal at a winery restaurant in the Napa Valley, Sonoma County, in Southern California, and along California’s Central Coast.

Learn about wineries that have their own restaurant on the premises.

Celebrity Owned

Raymond Burr Vineyards

Celebrity watchers may be interested in learning about wineries owned by celebrities. Check out this to see which famous people own wineries!

It is unlikely that you will actually see a celebrity at a winery, but you may enjoy visiting and tasting wines at these celebrity owned wineries. Most will have displays showing the owner along with interesting memorabilia about their owners.

Where to Go to Stomp the Grapes

grape stomp

Favorite Wineries that Let You Stomp the Grapes Grape stomps are popular during the harvest season, from August through September. Get ready to squish some grapes between your toes for some old-fashioned fun.

Most wineries will charge a fee for stomping grapes. Many are held in a competition format and the proceeds are often donated to a charity.

Kid Friendly

Kid Friendly Wineries

Going wine tasting with the kids? Some wineries actually welcome children and provide things for children to do.

Check out these wineries that welcome children and have fun things for the kids to do. Possibilities include horseback riding, swimming, petting zoos, hiking, games, and coloring stations.

Best for Picnics

Best Wineries for Picnics

The Wine Country is known for its beautiful scenery. These California wineries offer the best settings for a picnic. Pack up your favorite foods or head to a local deli and get ready for a fun day outdoors. Not all wineries allow picnics.

Top Wine Caves

Wine Cave

Wine caves are perfect for storing wine at a temperature that enhances the aging process. Learn about California wineries that
have caves you can tour. Explore a cave and see for yourself what they are like.

Many wineries hold events in the caves, but others use the caves primarily for storing the wine. Some caves are huge, while others are more intimate.

Have you been to any of these favorite California wineries? Are there others you would like to suggest? Please scroll down and leave a comment.


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