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Food and WineIntroduction to Food and Wine – Learn more about the different types of white and red wine. You’ll find a description of each along with useful background information.

Have you ever wondered which wine would go best with a particular food? Here’s an easy guide for food pairing that gives you the basic information you need.

Types of White Wine

Chardonnay (Shar-doe-nay)

Types of WineChardonnay is more full bodied than other whites. Chardonnay has aromas of fruits and acidity. The aroma typically has flavors of lemon or grapefruit. Fermentation in new oak barrels results in a rich, buttery taste. This is often described as toastiness, vanilla, apple, nutty, or toffee. Chardonnays aged in French oak result in a milder flavor than those aged in American oak. Some people prefer the buttery flavor while others prefer the non-oaked Chardonnays.

Food and Wine Pairing: Chardonnay goes well with chicken, seafood, and fish.

Origin: Chardonnay originated from the Burgundy area of France. There are many world-class Chardonnays being produced in California. Cooler climates are usually the best for producing Chardonnay.

Gewurztraminer (Gah-vurtz-tra-meener)

Pairing Food and WineGewurztraminer has a spicy aroma and fruity flavors of peach, apricot, tropical fruits, and lychee. It can be a dry or sweet.

Food and Wine Pairing: This type of wine goes especially well with spicy Asian dishes and pork sausages.

Origin: Gewurztraminer comes from France. Fantastic Gewurztraminers are produced today in Germany, New York, Washington, and California.

Pinot Grigio (Pea-no-gree-zhe-oh)

Pinot GrigioPinot Grigio is light and crispy with almond, lemon, and vanilla flavors. Pinot Grigio may also becalled Pinot Gris.

Food and Wine Pairing: Pinot Grigio goes well with seafood and salmon.

Origin: Pinot Grigio originated in Burgandy long ago. However, it is often considered an Italian wine. The grapes prefer a cold climate. This is why Oregon is able to produce delicious Pinot Grigio.

Riesling (Rees-ling)

Food and WineRieslings have a floral aroma. They range from very dry and crisp to intensely sweet depending on where it is from. German Riesling is slightly sweet and balanced with some acidity. California Riesling tends to be sweeter.

Food and Wine Pairing: Riesling goes well with chicken, fish, pork, and spicy foods.

Origin: Rieslings originates from Germany. Great Rieslings are also produced in New York, Washington, California, and Australia.

Sauvignon Blanc (So-veen-yawn-blah nk)

Pairing Food and WineLighter than Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc usually has a grassy citrus aroma. Flavors range from apple, pear, green tea, limes and freshly mowed grass. You can often detect a little smokiness. California Sauvignon Blancs sometimes have a melon flavor. This is a crisp light wine with a strong acid finish. It is also called Fume Blanc. American Sauvignon Blanc tends to be grassier than those produced in New Zealand.

Wine and Food Pairings: Sauvignon Blanc pairs well with salads, poultry, seafood, and cheese.

Origin: Sauvignon Blanc originated from France. Fabulous Sauvignon Blanc is currently being produced in New Zealand, South Africa, California, and Washington as well.

Types of Red Wine

Barbera (Bar-ber-uh)

Barbera is often used as a blending grape. As a varietal it can exhibit aromas of berries, plums, or cherries with hints of vanilla, toasty, or smoky flavors.

Food and Wine Pairing:Tomato based pasta dishes are perfect matches to serve with this type of wine.

Origin: Barbera is an Italian red wine. However, California is producing some wonderful Barbera. The Sierra Foothills is increasingly producing great quality Barbera.

Cabernet Sauvignon (Ca-burr-nay So-veen-yawn)

Red WineCabernet Sauvignon is a rich and full-bodied. Aged in oak, this is a complex wine with cassis and blackberry flavors as well as hints of bell pepper. To make Cabernet Sauvignon drinkable sooner it is often blended with other grapes. French Bordeaux is mostly Cabernet Sauvignon blended with Merlot to soften the tannins. When blended with Merlot and perhaps Cabernet Franc as well, this Bordeaux style blend is called Meritage in the United States.

Wine and Food Pairings Cabernet Sauvignon is the classic vino to serve with red meats.

Origin Cabernet Sauvignon is a well known grape of Bordeaux, France. Superb Cabernets are being produced in California (especially the Napa Valley), Washington, Italy, Australia, and Chile.

Merlot (Mare-lo)

Types of Wine

Merlot is softer tasting than Cabernet Sauvignon due to having less tannins. It is a smooth and dry. Merlot is often described as having the flavors of boysenberry, black cherry, herbs, and mocha.

Wine and Food Pairings: Merlot is best with poultry and grilled meats, but Merlot actually goes well with most foods.

Origin Merlot originates from Bordeaux in France where it is the most commonly planted grape. You can find many great Merlots from California, Oregon, and Washington.

Pinot Noir (Pee-no Na-wahr)

Red Wine - Pinot NoirPinot Noir is a smooth, silky, and extremely fruity. It is characterized with aromas and flavors of black cherry or rose petals along with hints of spiciness or herbal qualities. Pinot Noirs are enjoyed for their soft velvety texture. High in alcohol, they are full bodied but not heavy.

Food and Wine Pairing: Pinot Noir is best served with grilled salmon, roast beef, lamb, duck, and mushrooms.

Origin Burgandy, France is the area most recognized for its Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir is also being produced in California, Oregon, British Columbia, and New Zealand.

Sangiovese (San-gee-oh-ve-zee)

Red Wine - SangioveseSangiovese medium bodied and dry with earthy aromas and berry, plum, spicy, or floral flavors. It has a smooth texture. Sangiovese is the main grape used to produce Italian Chiantis.

Food and Wine Pairing: Sangiovese goes especially well with pasta and other Italian foods.

Origin: Sangiovese grapes originates from the Tuscany region of Italy. California is making some delicious Sangiovese as well.

Syrah (Sah-ra)

Red wine - SyrahSyrah is a hearty and displays complexity along with aromas and flavors that include raspberry, plum, smoke, and white pepper. It is dark in color; sometimes almost black in color. Syrah is also called Shiraz.

Food and Wine Pairing:

Enjoy a glass of Syrah with duck, wild game, steak, and beef.

Origin:Syrah is is believed to originate from France. There are great Syrahs produced in France, Australia, South Africa, and California.

Zinfandel (Zin-fan-del)

Zinfandel - Red WineZinfandel can be light to full bodied. It can be rich and spicy or lighter and fruitier. Aromas and flavors that are typical include raspberry, jam, black pepper, and licorice.

Food and Wine Pairing:This type of red wine is wonderful with steaks, grilled meats, and tomato based dishes.

Origin:It is believe that Zinfandel originated in Croatia. It has been grown in California since the 1850s with California Zinfandels generally considered to be the best. Many consider Zinfandel to be California’s vino.

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Basic Wine Information
Discover the 5 basic steps to tasting wine. Learn how to read a wine label. Discover the health benefits of drinking wine. Explore the differences between red wine and white wine. Why do people join a wine club? Are there wine apps that are worth getting?

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Easy Soup Recipes

easy soup recipesAre you looking for easy soup recipes? You’ll love these delicious soups and stews. Not only are they simple to make, they are also delicious. The aroma of home-made soup simmering on the stove or in a crock pot is hard to beat. Soup is such a comfort food, especially on a cold winter day. Serve as a first course or make the soup the main dish accompanied with your favorite bread.

On a busy schedule? These recipes can easily be converted to slow cooker soup recipes. Simply prepare the ingredients the evening before and refrigerate overnight. Before you leave for work the next morning, transfer the ingredients into your slow cooker. When you walk in the door from work, you’ll be greeted by the wonderful aromas of the soup.

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chocolate mousse cake

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Black Bean Soup
This Black Bean Soup is simple to make. It’s a hearty, flavorful meal.

Cabernet Stew
This stew is definitely a complete meal. The Cabernet Sauvignon added to this recipe really adds flavor. Yummy!

Fishermen’s Cioppino
A classic dish tht is easy to make.

Fish Soup
Such a scrumptious soup! Perfect with a cool glass of Pinot Grigio.

French Onion Soup
My husband’s favorite – The Best French Onion Soup!

Fabulous Lamb Stew
A hearty, flavorful meal!

Easy Zinfandel Minestrone
So quick and easy that you’ll be amazed! Everyone asks me for this recipe. The sausage adds a wonderful rich flavor to this soup.

White Chicken Chili Soup
Fabulous soup that goes perfect with a glass of Chardonnay! This is my personal favorite.

Soup Freezing Tips – Soups do freeze well. Freeze in freezer bags or other containers. It’s best to freeze in containers the size you would want to use at one time. Thaw and heat in a pan on the stove, stirring often if it is a creamed based soup. Some people prefer to leave out any potatoes or pasta when they freeze soup and then add them to the pan when heating. This is a personal preference. You can also thaw in the refrigerator overnight and then simmer in a crock pot. Enjoy these easy soup recipes!

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Easy Chicken Recipes

easy chicken recipesCheers2Wine is pleased to recommend these quick and easy chicken recipes. These amazing recipes create chicken dishes that are full of delicious flavors.

Want to know how to cook chicken? These amazing recipes will walk you through it step by step. It doesn’t need to be difficult to prepare a delightful chicken dish that you will love.

Easy Chicken Alfredo
This is our daughter’s absolutely favorite Chicken Alfredo Recipe. Enjoy with a glass of Chardonnay with this classic pasta dish.

Easy Chicken Spaghetti
Comfort food at its best! Quick and easy and oh, so good!

Chicken Breasts With Capers
A fantastic chicken dish rich with the delicious flavors of the wine and caper sauce.

Chicken Cacciatore
A hearty dish with two different types of mushrooms and chicken in a rich tomato sauce.

Chicken Recipes With Wine Chicken and Rice
This chicken and rice dish is a comfort food favorite. Enjoy with a glass of Chardonnay.

Chicken Marsala
Simmered in a Marsala wine sauce rich with mushrooms, this is truly a delightful dish.

Easy Chicken Pasta
Everyone seems to enjoy pasta and this dish is no exception. It’s full of delicious flavors that you’ll love.

Coq Au Vin
This classic Italian chicken dish tastes wonderful. This hearty dish is comfort food at its best!

Breasts of Chicken a La Champagne
Breast of Chicken a La Champagne is easy to make and tastes delicious. A personal favorite!

Chicken Piccata
This is a classic Italian dish for a reason…it is scrumptious!

Tasty Turkey Legs
Turkey is not just for Thanksgiving. Enjoy this dish any day of the year!

Chicken Parmesan
This tasty dish is a personal favorite and requested often when our grown children come visiting.

Slow Cooker Chicken
This crock pot chicken recipe is delicious and such a convenient way to prepare dinner. You’ll love the combination of savory flavors. Enjoy with a glass of your favorite Chardonnay.

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red wine or white wine

Which wine pairs best with this food?

Have you tried any of these Easy Chicken Recipes? If you have, we would love to hear how they turned out. Please leave a comment below to let us know.