Central Valley Wineries


central valley wineries
Central Valley Wineries are primarily from Lodi, Clarksburg, Tracy, Madera, and Ripon. This huge agricultural region produces a large portion of California grapes. Many wineries outside the Central Valley purchase grapes from the Central Valley.

The valley experiences hot, dry summers and cool, damp winters. Along with a rich bounty of other food crops, a large amount of wine grapes are grown in this rich, fertile area. Zinfandel is one of the main grapes grown in this region. Many of the vineyards are old vines. They produce better quality grapes.


Wine Regions of the Central Valley

Lodi Wine Country

Lodi SignThe largest region in the Central Valley is the Lodi Wine Country. Lodi is located in a rural area east of San Francisco near the Sacramento River Delta. Enjoy tasting at more than 65 local wineries. Lodi is a fabulous area for wine tasting. It’s easy to find great wines at reasonable prices. Wine Enthusiast Magazine has recently named Lodi as the “Wine Region of the Year”.

Madera Wine Trail
Quady Wine LabelIf you haven’t discovered the Madera Wineries consider a visit soon. The Madera appellation is one of the oldest designated AVAs in California. Yet it is a relatively unknown region. This region is located near Fresno. It’s a growing region boasting eleven wineries with tasting rooms currently open for business. It’s been know for producing dessert wines and Ports.

Two different wine trails operate in this area. The Madera Wine Trail encompasses wineries mostly from the city of Madera. The eastern Madera County’s Yosemite Sierra Wine Road is comprised of wineries from the eastern portion of Madera County. All are small wineries that are delightful to visit. It’s a chance to sample wine and actually meet the owners.


Fresno County Wineries

Fresno County WineriesFresno has traditionally been known for growing raisins rather than wine grapes. However, wines are being produced from grapes grown along the cooler areas near the San Joaquin River. There are a number of wineries producing award winning wines. This includes Fresno State Winery, the first university to have its own winery. Click Here to Learn More About Fresno Wineries


Tracy Hills Wineries

Tracy WineriesTracy Hills was only recently recognized as an appellation. Tracy Hills is located between the city of Tracy and the Altamont Hills to the west. The three wineries with tasting rooms are definitely worth a visit. Two of the wineries are next door to each other. The third is just a short distance away. While in the area, check out the golf courses in the area, too.


Clarksburg Wineries

Clarksburg Wine Region

Sacramento River Delta

More than 25 different wine varietals are produced by Clarksburg wineries. This appellation is most known for its high quality Chenin Blanc and Petite Sarah. Visit the Sacramento River Delta and enjoy tasting at these Central Valley wineries.

The Old Sugar Mill is a unique tasting venue that houses tasting rooms for multiple wineries. It’s convenient for you as you get to sample a number of wineries at a single location.


Fun Things to Do in the Central Valley


Kayaking in the Delta
Combine a wine tasting trip in the Central Valley with other fun things to do. Go boating, kayaking, or fishing in the San Joaquin Delta. Visit the state capital in Sacramento. Play a round of golf at the many golf courses in the area.

Wine and Roses - Lodi
While tasting in the Central Valley, consider dining at one of our favorite restaurants. You won’t be disappointed! Pamper yourself at Wine & Roses Resort in the heart of the Lodi Wine Country. Enjoy lovely accommodations, lush gardens, and a full service spa.

Gallo Center for the Arts Modesto California
Enjoy a performance at the Gallo Center for the Arts The Gallo Center is located in downtown Modesto. This beautiful facility offers a wide variety of performances that include music, comedy, broadway, dance, and theater. They also feature special shows for children.

Have a blast wine tasting at Central Valley Wineries!