Is Lodi California’s Next Big Wine Region?


Lodi, California
Consumers have learned that Lodi is the place to go for quality wines at reasonable prices. The media has caught on. Wine Enthusiast announced in November that Lodi has been chosen as the 2015 “Wine Region of the Year”.

Lodi’s Wine History

Lodi Vineyard and OakHistorically, Lodi focused on growing Tokay grapes. These grapes were sold as table grapes, distilled into brandy, or fortified to make Port and Sherry-styled wines. By the 1990s most vineyards had converted to growing premium varietal winegrapes. This region became an official American Viticultural (AVA) in 1986.

This area has grown from just eight wineries in the early 1990s to almost 100 wineries today. Approximate 100,000 acres are planted with winegrapes. Most of these grapes go into large-scale wines. However, an increasing number of small family owned wineries are producing small lots of handcrafted wines.

Lodi Wines

D'Art Wine Label - Lodi Winery
A large variety of wines grow in this area, which is characterized by warm summer days and cool evenings. Both the Mokelumne and Cosumnes Rivers flow through this appellation; enriching the soil with granitic-based minerals that lend complex flavors to the wines.

Two-thirds of the wine grapes grown in the area are red. 40 percent of California’s Zinfandel is produced in here. Some of the Zinfandel vineyards date back to 1888. Spanish, Italian, Portugese, German, and Rhone grapes are all grown in the Lodi Wine Country.

Local winemakers are increasingly devoted to producing quality wines. They are experimenting with new ideas, different grapes, and new techniques. Their creative attitude continues to transform this region into an area known for producing world-class wines.

Lodi Wineries

Lodi Wineries
Plan a visit to this up and coming wine region. Find out why Wine Enthusiast Magazine has named Lodi the “Wine Region of the Year”. Decide for yourself if this will be the next big wine region in California.

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