Red Wine Vs. White Wine


red wine vs. white wine

Red wine or White Wine: Which pairs best?

The battle of red wine vs. white wine continues. Many wine drinkers prefer red wines; while others prefer white wines. Some people enjoy both types of wines.

Do you know what makes these wines so different? Do you know what the differences actually are? Find out why there is this ongoing battle between these wines.

The Facts Behind Red Wine Vs. White Wine

How the Wine is Made

Glass red wineRed wine is usually made from red or black grapes crushed with their skins on. The skins are removed after the juice has fermented. Red wines have a more robust, richer flavor and more tannins due to this process. When drinking red wine, the dry puckery taste in your mouth is caused by the tannins. Tannins allow the wine to age longer before going bad.

glass white wineWhite wine is usually made from white grapes after the skins and seeds have been removed. This is why white wines have much less tannins than you find in red wines. Less tannins also results in lighter bodied wines. Most white wines should be drank within a year or two of bottling.

Serving Temperatures

Glass red wine Most people drink red wines at room temperature. Most wine experts recommend serving red wines a little cooler than room temperature. Strive for a temperature of 60 to 65 degrees. You can achieve this temperature by placing the wine in the refrigerator for approximately 15 minutes before serving.

glass white wineMost people drink white wines chilled. Experts recommend serving white wines a little warmer; around 40 to 50 degrees is ideal. Remove white wines from the refrigerator approximately 15 minutes before serving to reach the correct temperature.

Health Benefits

Glass red wine Red wines usually have higher levels of antioxidants than white wine. Numerous studies have shown that there are proven health benefits from drinking red wine. Red wine reduces the risk of heart disease, slows aging, increases good cholesterol, reduces the risk of developing diabetes, and improves our immune system. The wines that are the best for your health (they contain the most antioxidants) are Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Syrah.

glass white wine Most white wines will contain slightly less calories than red wines. A four ounce glass of wine contains approximately 100 calories. However, it’s the alcohol content, not the color that affects the calories of a wine. The higher the alcohol content, the more calories you will be consuming.

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Luke Yancey

Thank you for contrasting white and red wines so well. I really never understood the difference between the two, to be honest. It’s good to know that red wine lasts longer than white. I usually buy red and hardly ever get around to drinking it. It’s good to know that it can go years (as opposed to white) without going bad!