Does the Priority Wine Pass Save You Money? Yes, it really does!

Priority Wine Pass

The Priority Wine Pass does save you lots of money. The more you taste, the more you save. Start saving today with deals in California, Oregon, and Washington. After all, nothing pairs better with wine than saving money! 

Why We Love this Wine Pass


  • It’s the easiest way to save money on wine tasting fees. Simply show your card to receive “2 for 1” or even complimentary wine tasting.
  • Only one wine pass is needed per couple.
  • Order Priority Wine Pass

  • Friends of Cheers-2-Wine receive a discounted price on the pass.
  • Receive exclusive tasting experience such as VIP tours, food pairings, or additional pours.
  • Get discounts on some of the hotels, restaurants, and car services.
  • The folks at Priority Wine Pass offer free planning services. They will set up a personalized itinerary based on your likes.
  • The pass is good at over 250 wineries throughout California as well as wineries in Oregon and Washington.
  • Once you purchase a pass, you can start accessing the benefits immediately.

Wineries That Have Winery Pass Deals

Browse this list of wineries that offer deals on tasting fees. The Priority Wine Pass will also save you money on hotels, restaurants, wine purchases, and tour companies.
Wineries are constantly being added; so, check back often!

Napa Valley Deals

Napa Valley Welcome Sign

Beringer (2 for 1)
Boeschen Vineyards (Free)
Silverado Vineyards (2 for 1)
Avinodos (2 for 1)
Sonar (Free)
Andretti Winery (2 for 1)
Cancan Winery (2 for 1)
Girard (Special Tasting)
Napa Cellars (Special Tasting)
Pine Ridge Vineyards (2 for 1)
Gustavo Wine (2 for 1)
Maxville Estate Wines (2 for 1)
Picayune Cellars (2 for 1)
Black Stallion (2 for 1)
Saddleback Cellars (2 for 1)
Landmark Vineyard (Special Tasting)
Jessup Cellars (2 for 1)
Envy Wines (2 for 1)
Cosentino Winery (2 for 1)
V Wine Cellars (2 for 1)
Brian Arden Winery (2 for 1)
Ty Caton (2 for 1)
Rutherford Ranch (2 for 1)
Madera Vineyards (Special Tasting)
August Briggs (2 for 1)
Grich Hills Estate (2 for 1)
Whitehall Lane Winery (2 for 1)
Cornerstone Cellars (Special Tasting)
Vezer Family Vineyard (Free)
Conn Valley Vineyard (Special Tasting)
Miner Family Winery (2 for 1)
Trenchero Napa Valley (2 for 1)
V. Sattui Winery (2 for 1)
Rutherford Hill(Special Tasting)
Amici Cellars (Free)
Outland Wines (2 for 1)
Delectus Winery (2 for 1)
Conn Creek (2 for 1)
Auburn James (2 for 1)
Hill Family Estate (2 for 1)
Pope Valley (Free)
Bennett Lane (Special Tasting)
Hagafen (2 for 1)
Dutch Henry (2 for 1)
Clos Pegase (2 for 1)
Twenty Rows Winery (2 for 1)
Mayo Family (2 for 1)
Mark Herold Wines (2 for 1)
Castello di Amorosa (Special Tasting)
Bourassa Vineyards (2 for 1)

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Sonoma County Deals

Sonoma Grapevines

Cline Cellars (2 for 1)
Acaibo (Free)
G&C Lurton (Free)
St. Francis Winery (2 for 1)
Canihan Winery (Free)
Schug (2 for 1)
Adobe Winery (2 for 1)
Viana (2 for 1)
Spain Vineyards (Free)
Viszlay Vineyards (2 for 1)
Sbragia Family (2 for 1)
Muscardini Cellars (2 for 1)
Manzanita Creek (2 for 1)
Hudson Street Wineries (Free)
Kivelstadt Cellars (2 for 1)
Greedy Wines (Free)
Ektimo (2 for 1)
B Wise Vineyards (2 for 1)
Alexander Valley (2 for 1)
Jacuzzi Family Vineyards(Free)
Rodney Strong Vineyards (2 for 1)
Wine Guerrilla (2 for 1)
Spicey Wines (2 for 1)
Winery Sixteen (2 for 1)
White Oak Winery (Free)
VJB Vineyard (2 for 1)
Trecini (2 for 1)
Ty Caton (2 for 1)
Six Sigma (2 for 1)
Merriam Vineyards (2 for 1)
McEvoy Ranch (2 for 1)
Mayo Family Winery (2 for 1)
Leaf & Vine (Free)
Fritz Underground (2 for 1)
Deerfield (2 for 1)
Balletto Vineyards (Free)

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Deals in Other Wine Regions

There are many more deals throughout California that will save you money wine tasting. Discover the savings waiting for you in Livermore, Lodi, the Central Coast, Southern California, Mendocino, Lake County, the Sierra Foothills, and in the Central Valley. You’ll even find lots of deals in neighboring Oregon and Washington. The Winery Pass save you money as you discover many fabulous new wines.

If you have a Priority Wine Pass, please comment below regarding your experiences using the pass.