5 Steps to Wine Tasting


New to wine? Five Steps to Wine Tasting. Some newbies feel a little intimidated by the process of tasting. Knowing the basic steps can make you feel confident about what you are doing. Learn these steps and you can relax and just enjoy yourself.

These tips will walk you through tasting step by step. Watch the short video to see how it’s done. Then scroll down to read the guide for more information.

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5 Easy Steps for Wine Tasting

wine tasting 1.When tasting the first step is to take time to look at the vino, especially around the edges. Look for the color and the clarity. This is why clear glasses should be used for tasting.

Whites become darker as they age while reds begin to lose their color, turning more brownish.

Tasting Wine 2. Swirl the liquid in your glass. This is done to mix oxygen in, which will soften the tannins of young vino. It also opens up the flavors and aromas. The smells should be enjoyable to you.

Wine aroma

3. Sniff. Initially you should hold the glass a few inches from your nose. Then let your nose go into the glass. What do you smell? Take time to think about the smells.

Wine Tasting

4. Take a sip , but do not swallow yet. Roll the liquid around in your mouth exposing it to all of your taste buds. Do this for at least a few seconds while thinking about the taste. What flavors do you notice before you even swallow?

Wine Tasting

5. Swallow. How long does the “finish” last?(How long can you taste the flavors after you swallow?) Do you like the tastes?

Tasting is suppose to be fun. Don’t stress about doing everything exactly right. Don’t worry if your tastes are different than people around you. Everyone has their own tastes and enjoy different varietals or brands. This is normal. You are the person who will judge their likes and dislikes.

You will probably find that your preferences will change over time. Keep exploring and trying new finds. Go tasting at wineries when you can. Join a class. It really is lots of fun!

The exciting thing about sampling different wines is discovering exactly what your own tastes are. There are many things that you can learn by reading the labels. As you select and sample, discover what you can learn from the labels.

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