Basic Wine Information You Need to Know

Basic Wine Information You Need to Know

Basic Wine Information
This basic wine information covers what everybody ought to know about wine. Some of the topics are meant for those who are new to the world of wine. However, experienced drinkers may be able to learn a few things as well.


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Types of Wine

basic wine information
Learn about different types of red and white wine. Great basic wine information for beginning wine drinkers. Find descriptions for each wine, suggested wine and food pairings, and more!

Guide to Tasting Wine

How to Taste Wine
Have you ever wondered exactly what you are suppose to do when you taste wine? Learn the 5 basic steps to tasting wine.

This guide will walk you through each step and you’ll soon be tasting wine like the pros!

Save Money With a Winery Pass

winery pass
The winery pass is a small card the size of a credit card. It entitles you and one other guest to discounts on wine tasting and purchases at participating wineries.

There are many other benefits including help planning your wine tasting itinerary and discounts on at restaurants and hotels. Check it out!

How to Throw a Wine Tasting Party

wine tasting party

Everyone loves a fun party. A wine tasting party can be easy and fun. Check out simple tips for hosting a party where everyone has a great time! Find advice on selecting a theme, things you will need, and ideas on ice breakers to get the fun started.








Health Benefits of Wine

Health Benefits of Wine
Is wine actually good for you? The answer is, “Yes!” There’s lots of research providing proof that there really are health benefits from drinking red wine. Some red wines are better for you than others. Discover which wines are actually better for you and why.

Wine Labels

Wine Label
When shopping for a bottle of wine, pay close attention to the wine label. There are lots of things you can learn about the wine by reading the label. Much of the information printed on wine labels are regulated by laws. Find out more about labels by clicking on this link.

Food and Wine Pairing

Wine Event
Have you ever wondered which wine you should serve with a particular meal? This guide will help you select the perfect wine and add to your wine knowledge. The perfect guide for someone just getting started drinking wine.

Wine Clubs

wine gift box
Wines clubs are a wonderful way to purchase wine. You’ll discover lots of great wines usually at a discounted price and they’ll be delivered right to your doorstep. Even better, join the wine club of a winery near your home. Wineries usually host fun events throughout the year that are for wine club members only!

Red Wine Vs. White Wine

red wine or white wine
Some people have a definite preference for either red wine or white wine. Other people enjoy both wines. Find out how red wine and white are the same and how they are different.

Recipes Using Wine

Couple cooking with wine
Cooking with wine is so much fun! Wine enhances the flavor of the food, improving the flavor of the dish. Enjoy these recipes that have wine as one of the ingredients and see for yourself.



Wine Events

Wine Events
Keep track of wine events throughout California with this list of upcoming events. Learn about upcoming special tastings, wine festivals, dinners, grape stomps, and more. This information is constantly updated so check back often.







Wine Apps

young women looking at cell phone
Check out the best wine apps and download them quickly from this site all about apps. You’ll find apps for your iPhone, iPad, or android cell phone.



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