Fun Ice Breakers for Your Wine Tasting Party


wine tasting party
These fun ice breakers will make your wine tasting party a success. A party is always more exciting when your guests are interacting with each other. The difference between an okay party and a fabulous party is how well you get guests involved with each other. Select a few of these activities to insure that everyone is talking to each other and having fun and your party will be the event that everyone is raving about!

Fun Ice Breakers #1 – Which Wine Am I?

Fun Ice BreakersPurchase large self-adhesive labels from an office supply store. Write the name of different wine varietals on these labels.

As your guests arrive, place a label on the back of each guest. Instruct guests to name the wine on their back by asking questions of the other guests that can be answered by a simple “yes” or “no”. They can only ask each person a single question. This will get the guests circulating and laughing in no time.
Variations: Instead of wine varietals you could use wine regions or wineries.

Fun Ice Breaker #2 – Wine Facts

Party Conversations
Create a stack of Wine Fact cards. Lay around the room. Have guests pick up a card and ask other guests the question on each card. Everyone will soon be talking about wine and getting to know each other at the same time. Make the questions easier (or harder) depending on what you think your guests can handle.

Sample Questions For Wine Facts

1. Which country produces the most wine? (France)
2. Which country consumes the most wine? (United States)
3. How many calories in a glass of Chardonnay? (123)
4. What does “vintage” mean? (The year the grapes were harvested for the wine.)
5. Why do people swirl wine in the glass? (to release its aroma)
6. What does In Vino Veritas mean? (The truth is in the wine.)
7. What U.S. state is the second leading producer of wine? (Oregon)
8. Which U.S. President is known for spending lots of money on wine? (Thomas Jefferson – he spent $3,000 on wine in 1801, 12% of his salary.)
9. There is only one book in the Old Testament that has no reference to wine. Which book is it? (The Book of Jonah)
10. How many glasses are in one barrel of wine? (1,180)
11. How fast can a Champagne cork exit the bottle? (62 miles per hour.)
12. What is the most popular wine varietal in the world? (Chardonnay)
13. How did the tradition of bumping glasses together with a “cheers” greeting begin? (In ancient Rome this caused wine to spill from one cup to another proving that you were not trying to poison the other person.)
14. Why shouldn’t you store bottles of wine in a standing up position? (This might cause the cork to dry up and shrink which would let air into the bottle.)
15. What varietal of wine is the Napa Valley most known for? (Cabernet Sauvignon)
16. Who said, “Some weasel took the cork out of my lunch.”? (W.C. Fields)
17. Name the Greek God of wine. (Bacchus)
18. What is the French Paradox? (A term used to describe the French people’s diet and wine consumption resulting in a lower incidence of heart disease.)
19. If wine isn’t aged in oak, what is it aged in? (stainless steel)
20. Which is healthier – red or white wine? (Red wine due to the antioxidant called resveratrol which is present in red wines but not in white)

Fun Ice Breakers #3 – Name That Aroma

aromaAroma is an important part of enjoying wine. This activity helps focus on the ability to identify aromas. Purchase 10 opaque paper cups. Fill each cup about 1/4th of the way with each of the 10 ingredients listed here: rose petals, shaved chocolate, vanilla extract, oak chips, tobacco, mushrooms, pine needles, plum jam, fresh blackberries, and cherry jam. Cover. Blindfold each guest. Remove the cover from each cup and have the guests identify the aromas.

Fun Ice Breakers #4 – Wine Match Up

Tasting WinePrepare a list of wine descriptions for the wines you will be tasting. Cover the bottles of wine with foil or paper and write a number on each bottle. As guests sample each of the wines you are serving, they are to write the number of the bottle next to the wine description that it matches. After all wines have been tasted and guests have written down their matches, reveal each bottle of wine so guests can see how they did.

Variations: Instead of wine descriptions, you could have guests guest the wine varietal or the country in which the wine was produced.

Fun Ice Breakers #5 – Judgement of Paris Blind Wine Tasting

wine judgingHost your own repeat of the famous Judgement of Paris. Assign guests to bring a bottle of French or American Chardonnay or French Bordeaux or an American Cabernet Sauvignon. Do a blind tasting of the wines and see which wines are most highly rated by your guests: the American wines or the French wines.

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