Grilled Hamburger Recipe – Easily the Best Burger!


grilled hamburger recipeThis grilled hamburger recipe is perfect for summer barbecues. It is the best burger recipe you’ll find. The addition of Zinfandel adds flavor to these hamburger patties.

Wine Pairing: A Zinfandel would be ideal to drink with these hamburgers. Use the same Zinfandel to make the hamburger patties. There are so many fabulous Zinfandel wines available in California. Top choices would include D’Art Zinfandel from Lodi. Macchia Wines Mischievious also from Lodi is another good choice. Both of these wines are excellent!

Ingredients for grilled hamburger recipe:
2 pounds lowfat hamburger
1/4 cup Zinfandel
(Save rest of bottle to drink with meal)
1/4 cup minced fresh basil
1/4 cup minced red onion
1/4 cup Italian bread crumbs
8 sundried tomatoes, drained and chopped
2 teaspoons garlic salt
Canola spray for spraying on grill rack
6 large seeded hamburger buns
2/3 cup mayonnaise
6 slices Monterey jack cheese
2 tablespoons prepared basil pesto
red leaf lettuce leaves
6 tomato slices
6 thin red onion rings
8 fresh wet basil sprigs for adding to fire

Instructions for grilled hamburger recipe:
1. Prepare grill for cooking.
2. In a medium bowl combine the following: hamburger, Zinfandel, minced basil, minced onion, bread crumbs, sundried tomatoes, and garlic salt.
3. Divide the hamburger into 6 portions and shape into round patties.
4. Spray the grill with canola oil.
5. Toss the basil sprigs onto the coals.
6. Grill hamburger patties until done (5 to 8 minutes approximately on each side).
7. During the last minute of cooking top each hamburger with a slice of cheese.
8. Mix mayonnaise and basil pesto and spread some of this mixture onto each of the toasted hamburger buns.
9. Assemble lettuce, hamburger, tomato slice and onion slices onto each bun.

This recipe will make 6 servings.

If you have tried this Grilled Hamburger Recipe, please let us know how it turned out. Leave a comment below.

Hershey Brownie Recipe for Dessert

Hershey BrownieLooking for a dessert to serve with Zinfandel Burgers?
Consider Hershey Brownies You’ll love these decadent brownies. They’re easy to bring to a picnic or potluck. Everyone loves chocolate. One of America’s all-time favorite desserts!

Ingredients for Hershey Brownies:
1/2 cup melted butter
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 large eggs
1/2 cup flour
1/4 teaspoon baking powder1/3 cup Hershey’s Cocoa
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup chopped walnuts

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease a 9 inch square baking pan.
2. Mix butter, sugar, and vanilla in a large bowl. Add eggs and mix together well.
3. In a separate bowl mix together flour, cocoa, baking powder, and salt. Add this chocolate mixture gradually to the egg mixture. Mix until well blended.
4. Stir in the walnuts. Spread into the baking pan and bake for 20 to 25 minutes.
5. While brownies are baking, prepare the chocolate frosting.

Ingredients for Chocolate Frosting:
1 1/3 cups powdered sugar
2 Tablespoons Hershey’s cocoa
3 Tablespoons butter
2 Tablespoons milk
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 cup chopped walnuts

Instructions for Chocolate Frosting:
1. Heat butter and milk in a small sauce pan over low heat to melt the butter.
2. Stir powdered sugar and cocoa together in a medium bowl. Add the milk and butter mixture gradually into this bowl. Mix until well blended. Stir in the vanilla and walnuts.
3. Immediately spread the frosting over the brownies. After cooling, cut brownies into squares.

This recipe bakes 12-16 brownies.

If you have made Hershey Brownies, please let us know how you liked this recipe!

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