What Are the Health Benefits of Wine?


Health Benefits of Wine

Are there health benefits of wine?

The answer is, “Yes!” There’s lots of research providing proof that there really are health benefits from drinking wine.

Flavonoids from the skins and seeds of red grapes are the key. These flavonoids lower your risk of coronary heart disease by reducing your LDL or bad cholesterol levels. At the same time these flavonoids actually increase your HDL or good cholesterol levels and decrease the likelihood of blood clotting.

Scientists believe that there may be other health benefits from red wine as well. A recent study discovered that an antioxidant in the skins of red grapes, called resveratrol, may inhibit the growth of tumors in some cancers. It’s possible that resveratrol can help treat Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s as well and new studies are on the way.

Harvard Medical School has done studies that indicate red wine has anti-aging properties. Those who drink in moderation live longer than those who do not drink. Another Harvard study has good news for men who drink red wine moderately: They are 52% less likely to develop prostrate cancer compared to nondrinkers.

Recent studies have even shown that red wine can help prevent cavities by killing some of the bacteria that causes decay. More studies are on the way, but brushing your teeth with red vino is not recommended!

Basic Wine InformationAre some varietals better for you than others? Again, the answer is, “Yes!” Researchers at University of California at Davis have concluded that full-bodied dry red wines contain the highest levels of flavonoids and provide the greatest benefits.

The number one varietal for supplying the most flavonoids is Cabernet Sauvignon with Petit Syrah and Pinot Noir also ranking highly. White wines are those that are sweet have less flavonoids and are therefore, less beneficial.

How much should you drink? Moderation is the key. Women should drink 4 ounces daily with a meal and men 4-8 ounces. Since alcohol stimulates the appetite, it’s always better to drink as you are eating a meal.

Cheers! Pour yourself a glass and drink to your health.

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Do you have any thoughts regarding the health benefits of wine? We would love to hear your opinion. Please share your comments below.


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Annie Frances

I didn’t know that wine has anti-aging properties. That’s probably why my mother-in-law likes it so much. I would love to find California wine for sale that I could get my mother-in-law for her birthday. Thanks for the awesome information!