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California wine clubWine clubs make it easy to discover new vino. Choosing a bottle of from the thousands of selections on the shelves is not an easy task. Many people make selections because of the interesting label only to be disappointed by the wine itself.

The right club will take the guess work out of choosing. The best clubs handpick the wine to be shipped to their members. They search for the best vino available knowing that you’ll remain in their club if you are happy with the selections they send you. It is not in their best interest to send you bad wines.

In addition to having a variety of selections, clubs offer discounted prices and the convenience of the your purchase being delivered right to your door. This is a fun and easy way to try new wines.

You will find that some clubs ship monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or even yearly. Choose a club that fits your budget and your tastes. Some clubs focus solely on red or white or even on a specific varietal. .

Wine ClubsThere are many clubs that focus on a specific region. Other clubs sell international wines or will focus on designated countries such as Germany, Italy, Australia, or France.

If you love wine from a certain winery, you might want to join that winery’s club if they have one. Many wineries’ clubs host fun events for their club members. We belong to a few wine clubs that we would never drop because we have so much fun at the events they offer their members. Members can usually purchase at discounted prices as well.

We belong to a handful of clubs in different regions here in California. They are all less than two hours away by car. We usually pick up our shipments in person. This saves us the shipping costs and ensures that we will be enjoying excursions to wineries on a continuing basis. All offer a variety of unique activities for club members. It’s fun!

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If you have belonged to any wine clubs, we would love to hear about your experiences. Please scroll down and leave a comment.


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